I have designed for the music industry for a good part of my career. Sales for CD's were declining and there were many experimental projects being done to bring more attention to CD's. Around 2010/2011 there was a lot of buzz going on about Augmented Reality and I wanted to play with the concept. I chose to apply the concept to the music industry and even more specifically OK Go because of their continuous innovation within the industry.
After purchasing a CD you would be able to set it down infront of the camera on your computer or in front of your phone to view exclusive augmented reality content. Using hand gestures you can swipe to navigate and activate each experience. In the examples below you can view OK Go videos, or even watch a concert on a 3D stage which you would be able to move around and view at any angle. For more longevity, unlockable content can be release after an action is completed or time gone by.
It never made it past these visual prototypes but still an interesting exercise.

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