Flee is a to-do list app for Mac OS X that compliments the many ways you work. Flee was designed to be lightweight and versatile, ready for use with just a scroll of your mouse. 

I created Flee because most to-do apps had too many features and wasn’t accessible when I needed it. With Flee, I can be in any application, see my lists with a quick scroll and be back to what I was doing without interrupting my workflow. It has finally replaced pen and paper for me.

Flee gives you space for ten lists and everyone who downloads Flee uses them differently. Let me tell you how I use Flee...

I have 5 lists titled Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. I use these lists to manage the core things I want to get done each day. When I swipe or click to the right I see the remaining 5 lists. My Daily Routine list serves to remind me of the things I should do each day, like eat breakfast and exercise. I also have lists for projects I’m working on and an “On the Radar” list where I can keep track of things I want to plan for. There are endless ways to use Flee.

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